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Hourly Care

High-Quality Respite Care in Plantation, FL

Caring for an aging loved one is generous and rewarding and makes it possible for the senior to safely remain at home and continue to realize the goal of aging in place. However, even the most dedicated family caregivers need a break from time to time. But what do you do when you need some time away? Home Care Assistance of Plantation, FL, provides reliable respite support to family caregivers. Our professional respite caregivers remain with your loved one, meeting his or her non-medical care needs and providing compassionate, loving support and companionship whenever you are away. Having this option in place makes it easier to work, socialize, spend time away from the house, or simply take a nap while knowing your loved one is safe and comfortable. 

Having respite care in place allows family members to:

  • Maintain a career and the financial stability that comes with it
  • Retain relationships with other family members and friends
  • Experience a personal identity separate from “just being a caregiver”
  • Attend church services, visit the gym, or engage in hobbies
  • Feel refreshed and prevent caregiver burnout
  • Look after their own health and personal needs

Our Respite Caregivers Become Trusted Friends to the Seniors They Care For

Seniors are sometimes reluctant to accept care from a stranger even when they know their family members could benefit from a break. When seniors are not receptive to support, family caregivers often have a difficult time stepping away and spend far too much time worrying about their loved ones when they do. Home Care Assistance Plantation understands the importance of helping seniors feel comfortable with their caregivers. Our complimentary matching service pairs clients with respite caregivers based on personality traits, hobbies, and interests, which opens up avenues for conversation, helps seniors bond with their caregivers, and oftentimes makes home care visits feel like time spent with a trusted friend. Knowing this lets family caregivers step away with ease and rejuvenate so they can return home ready to lovingly provide care once again. 

Dedicated to Making Respite Care Flexible & Easily Accessible

Each family caregiver’s experience is unique, and it is often difficult to predict how much or how little respite a family might need. Changing life situations and care needs might mean the family is best supported with increased or decreased hours. Plantation Home Care Assistance is committed to making respite care accessible and flexible. Our services are available hourly and around the clock, and schedules are easily adjusted with a phone call. In the event of an emergency, our Care Managers also remain on call to assist and coordinate care. 

If you are caring for an aging loved one, remember the importance of taking care of yourself as well. Trust Home Care Assistance in Plantation to help. To initiate respite care at home, call (954) 533-2410 and request a no-obligation evaluation.

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