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5 Ways Seniors Can Stay Safe When Using the Internet

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Many seniors today are using the internet to connect with their families and friends. The following safety tips can help keep your loved one safe from scams, frauds, and other online dangers.

1. Be Wary of Freebies

Many scams include free merchandise, trips, and other perks to obtain a senior’s personal information. Some of these scams involve a free trial that turns into a pricy, recurring, and difficult to cancel subscription charge. Plantation, FL, senior care experts suggest seniors remain skeptical of free offers online.

2. Be Cautious Researching Medical Information

It might seem like a good idea to research a strange new spot on the skin to see what it could mean. However, online search can lead to serious health implications for seniors who trust information from untrustworthy sources. Professional caregivers in Plantation, FL, can provide transportation to the doctor if your loved one is concerned about his or her health.

3. Use Good Judgment on Dating Sites

Seniors are now utilizing the internet to meet people their age. While this activity is good for socialization, your loved one should avoid giving too much personal information until he or she knows the other person is real. Seniors meeting someone in person should do so at a public space and let their family caregivers know about it.

4. Create a Strong Password

Keeping up with passwords can be challenging for seniors. However, compromised passwords are an easy way for criminals to get into personal accounts. Make sure your loved one uses different passwords with letters, numbers, and symbols for each account.

5. Report Suspected Scams

One of the reasons online criminal activity is prevalent is because it can be difficult to track what is happening and catch the scammers. Seniors can play their part by reporting suspicious activities to appropriate authorities and educating their friends about internet safety.

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