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Stroke Care

First-Rate In-Home Stroke Care in Plantation, FL

After surviving a stroke, seniors often want to return to the home they love. The reality for most is that they need support to do so. This is because recovering from a stroke is a daunting process with many steps forward and some steps back. Trying to do too much too soon is the primary reason for hospital readmissions or more permanent setbacks. However, these setbacks can often be avoided with the right level of support. At Home Care Assistance of Plantation, FL, our stroke recovery caregivers offer premium support in the comfort of home. These individuals are highly trained professionals who manage the care needs of our clients with empathy, compassion, and positivity, which helps seniors reduce stress, focus on what they can do, and move toward recovering safely and at the right pace.

Flexible Stroke Care Plans to Meet Changing Needs

The recovery process following a stroke is different for every senior. While some feel comfortable completing most tasks independently right at the onset, others need more supervision or assistance with tasks they previously performed without assistance. Even when senior stroke survivors do feel confident managing most tasks on their own, it is important to have supervision, especially in the earliest days of recovery. With the help of Plantation Home Care Assistance, creating an effective plan for recovery that is appropriate for the individual’s needs is made easy. Our stroke care services are available hourly or around the clock. When family members are available to provide additional support, we collaborate with them and offer respite care so they can take a break. As care needs change, we make it easy to modify the care plan and increase or reduce hours so the senior always has the right level of assistance.

Reliable Stroke Caregivers Facilitate Recovery

Throughout recovery, most seniors will need to visit multiple doctors and therapists. Many stroke survivors also have to adjust to changes in their medications and diet. Keeping up with all these things is often a daunting task for seniors who are focused on recovering. With the support of Home Care Assistance Plantation, daily routines are easier to manage. Our stroke caregivers assist seniors in coordinating medical appointments, provide reliable transportation, and accompany clients to doctor’s and therapy appointments. Our stroke recovery professionals are also available to encourage seniors to complete therapy exercises, provide medication reminders, and ensure they remain motivated and compliant with the care plan. This approach to stroke care often speeds recovery and helps our clients maintain a positive attitude. 

Receiving assistance after a stroke can be difficult for many people, but taking this step is one of the best ways to move toward a complete recovery and rediscovered independence. Place your trust in Home Care Assistance in Plantation. If your loved one needs support while recovering from a stroke, call us at (954) 533-2410 to learn more and schedule your free evaluation.

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